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About us

HR Solutions was founded by Jill Goodwin in 2008.  Jill has almost twenty years experience working within the field of human resource management in large multi-national organisations and smaller businesses.  Jill’s motivation for starting her business was to offer businesses, such as yours, hands-on support, working with you to solve your people issues.  She recognised that there were a lot of HR companies out there offering advice with little understanding of what businesses were about and not taking the time to really get involved and get to know the businesses and the people within it. 

One thing that we can guarantee is that we quickly get to grips with the issues that you face with regards to your people.  We understand that managing people, and the frustrations that brings, can interfere with the day to day running of your business. 

We also understand that your people are your biggest asset and cost to your business and our philosophy is simple, we work with you to take the strain out of people management.  We recognise the importance of “getting it right”, complying with employment law and keeping you out of Court. 

So what is unique about us?  Simply, we are passionate about what we do; we have a proven track record of excellence and we offer hands on support and advice.  We recognise that you may want to employ us as a complete service, taking advantage of the experience that we have across all disciplines, or that you may only want to employ part of our service, dipping in and out and taking advantage of the expertise we have where you need help most. 

We are based in Essex and to find out more about us or what we can do to help you please contact us on 01277 841065 or 07870 103277