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I write in regard to the services supplied to my company by Jill Goodwin through her company HR Solutions.

I have worked with Jill for over five years and have nothing but compliments to pay her for her professionalism and fantastic work on behalf of my company over that time.

I first met Jill when a business colleague recommended her to assist in dealing with a disgruntled employee who was aiming on taking us to an employment tribunal following our mishandling of the employee's grievances. Jill quickly established the facts, consulted with all concerned, including the employee, and resolved the matter amicably and professionally within days for minimal cost.

Job done? No; Jill then helped us establish procedures and processes that were simple and effective to make sure we didn't fall foul of such errors again. Like many small companies, our best intentions and plans to treat employees fairly were laudable but not good enough. Jill transformed us inexpensively to becoming a better employer with better and fairer systems.

This was only a small part of what she has done for us and continues to do.

To highlight some of her services and skills, I will add she has helped us achieve the following:

1) Reviewed and updated all contracts of employment to reflect legal obligations and our intentions as an employer

2) Designed and implemented an employee perfromance management and appraisal system

3) Designed and implemented a disciplinary procedure

4) Designed and implemented management and staff forums

5) Designed and implemented company specific and tailored training programmes

6) Designed and implemeneted a recruitment and induction process

In fact over time Jill has provided all aspects of "Human Resource Management" to our company, working at Board to advise and guide where necessary. It is fair to say that a well intentioned company has become a leading employer under her guidance and assistance. We have learnt a great deal from Jill and I believe we now have the best systems and proceseses available and a very content workforce who know where they stand and feel able to participate fully in the company's achievements.

I cannot recommend Jill highly enough! And..... she's not too expensive!

Christopher Lloyd, Chairman, Enigma Telematics


I first heard about Jill Goodwin from a colleague whilst he was in my Company’s offices working on our end of year accounts.   I happened to mention that my Company has grown so quickly over the past two years and that now we have over 70 employees on our payroll and that I was finding it hard to deal with any staff problems that arose.

He immediately mentioned that he knew a lady who was very highly trained in Human Resources; he gave me her contact details and the rest is history.

I contacted Jill in May 2012, we met, discussed my Company’s needs and immediately formed a good working relationship.  Jill helped me to get my staff paperwork in order, my Contracts of Employment, company policies and rules etc. and she also advised me how to best set out our procedures.   Since then, and during this past year, I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her expert help.  She has worked with me through a particularly difficult grievance case, a couple of staff performance issues and she is now helping me to roll out some training for our office staff and has put in place ongoing leadership and management coaching sessions for the management team. 

Working with Jill is so reassuring; she is professional, trustworthy and very highly skilled at what she does.  My stress levels have been massively reduced since having Jill onboard.

We have formed a real bond and an excellent working relationship; Jill has taken the time to get to know the business and how we operate and I plan to have Jill working as my Company’s HR advisor for a very long time.   I would highly recommend Jill and her services to anyone without any doubt whatsoever.

Patrick O’Callaghan, A1 Home Care Limited, Operations/Finance Director


Jill is an absolute delight to work with. She has worked alongside ACP and our clients for over five years now and has developed a reputation for being a safe pair of hands as well as a vital support for managers when facing some tricky people challenges. Her compassionate and caring nature means that everyone feels looked after in the process however difficult the conversations that take place may be.

ACP have used Jill extensively in delivering management training modules that touch on core HR topics such as Performance Management and Recruitment and Selection. In the past three years, she has been working with our Local Authority clients supporting Employee Relations interventions, specialising in conflict mediation. Jill also works with us to deliver some quite complex change initiatives, which require us to  work closely alongside individuals and teams, helping them navigate their way through that change. Jill will often roll up her sleeves and work with the team leader to build a plan that takes them step by step towards their vision. She will then coach and mentor them through the process.

Jill has made a huge contribution to our success with organisations such as Southend Borough Council, and I am confident that we will continue to build a strong partnership that adds value to all client projects we work on.

Anita Pemberton, Director of ACP Training & Development


I have known Jill Goodwin professionally for the last four years, we have worked together on a range of issues large and small, and I have always found that nothing is too much trouble or beyond her range and experience.

Her wide and deep knowledge of all aspects of Human Resources has been fully utilised ranging from recruitment, policy making and implementation to dealing with and offering support on many issues around staffing.

She offers understanding, incisive analysis, ideas and solutions – always practically based and fair minded. Jill’s professionalism ensures that all aspects of our work together have been with imbued with commitment, energy, good humour and sensitivity. She personally is highly regarded as trustworthy, empathetic and a calming influence in times of trouble.

Louise Hourihan, Head Teacher, Stock School, Essex


Jill has delivered, in association with ACP Training and Development, a wide range of interventions for both management and staff alike from individual coaching, to mediation (both on a group and 1 to 1 basis), and team building exercises. Jill has worked closely with senior management to devise innovative solutions to overcome complex and difficult team dynamics and concerns, with very positive results and outcomes. Jill has always taken time to specifically tailor programmes of interventions to management’s requirements and has a proven track record of devising creative interventions to overcome a range of issues, often running in parallel. Jill always displays the highest levels of professionalism with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Jill is an extremely skilled practitioner and working with her is always.

Mel Bailey (MCIPD)HR Officer Employee RelationsSouthend-on-Sea Borough Council


We have now worked with Jill Goodwin, in association with ACP Training and Development, for several years.  Jill has put into place mediation interventions with staff that are having difficulties within the workplace as well as training, development and coaching at both individual and team level.  Jill has always been able to adapt her approach and style to meet the needs of our teams working at both senior management level through to individual staff coaching and team building situations.

Jill is very easy to work with; she is diligent in her approach and meets all deadlines.  She conducts herself professionally and with complete discretion when dealing with our staff.  She has also worked with me personally coaching me through leadership and management strategies that I have since, successfully, put into place. 

I can recommend Jill, without hesitation, to anyone requiring support across the HR disciplines as well as Jill’s coaching assistance to anyone looking to achieve their personal or business goals.

Graham Owen, Parks and Gardens Operations Manager, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council


Jill's assistance and support throughout the past few years, particularly through the recession was insurmountable.  Jill provided us with the guidance and confidence to deal with the most difficult of circumstances. With employment legislation becoming an increasing mountain to climb it is so comforting to know that I can totally and whole heartily rely upon the advice and guidance provided.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jill to any business. 

Sarah Cowley Director & Basildon Centre Manager - Dorling Cottrell Limited