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Organisation and Structure

Organisation & Structure

It is important that the vision, aims and objectives of your business are realised and that the right documentation is in place to facilitate that. We will work with you to ensure that the business has workable Terms and Conditions of Employment that not only comply with current English Employment Legislation but are practicable and meet the specific needs of your business.

Through job evaluation we work with you, and your staff, to build and maintain specific and task centred Job Descriptions with a focus on ensuring that your employees know exactly what you expect of them.

The experience that we have with working at board and managerial level means that we can look objectively at the needs of your business with regards to its people.  We can help you to focus, developing clear aims and objectives to ensure that the people and the skills that they have meet the business needs and enhance and develop the business structure.  

We can support, guide and help you: 

  • Write Employment Contracts/Terms and Conditions of Employment
  • Draft and implement Job Descriptions
  • Develop targets, objectives and KPI’s
  • Assist with company structures and organisation charts