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Question:  "How much do you charge?"

Costs are based on hourly and daily charge out rates depending on the nature of the work.  Typically work that can be estimated how long it will take will be charged out at a daily rate (£550) and work that can only be guesstimated how long it will take will be charged out at an hourly rate (£70).   


Question:  "Do you have professional indemnity insurance"?

Yes.  The Company is insured up to £5,000,000. 


Question:  "What part of the country do you cover"?

Advice can of course be given over the phone wherever you are based.  We operate within the Essex and London areas.  


Question:  "Do you offer legal advice"?

We offer up to date advice on employment legislation and practices.   We will always advise our clients to go to an employment lawyer if we feel that the questions they have are more specific and need to be dealt with by a qualified employment lawyer.  We have a close affiliation with a Law Firm who provide easy to understand practical advice. 


Frequently asked questions?

Typically we are asked questions around:

"Can I sack an employee if I have caught them stealing"?

"When should I issue a new employee with a Contract of Employment?"

"How do I manage under performance"?

"How do I manage an employee who has been off sick for a long period of time"?

"What do I do if two employees are not talking?"

"A grievance has been issued against me, what do I do"?

"What should I have in a Staff Handbook?"

"I have a vision for my Company but I don't know how to get my employees to engage with it.  What can I do"?

"My Managers have gaps in their skill and knowledge.  Can you help me with training"?



These are just a few of the questions that we have been asked over recent months.  We have been able to help, advise and support our clients in order to bring issues and concerns to a satisfactory conclusion.  Whatever the question or the nature of the issue we can help.