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Dispute Resolution

We know how difficult and frustrating it can be when you have a problem within the business with an employee or group of employees. Perhaps they are not performing or a grievance has been raised?  We are here to help you manage and deal with the issues with practical and professional advice, guiding you through the whole of the process, whether that is a disciplinary or a grievance, until it is resolved. We are used to managing people and we have extensive experience in managing both under performance and conduct issues, including gross misconduct.  We strive to resolve issues amicably if we can and work hard to ensure that issues are dealt with fairly for all concerned.  We pride ourselves in having huge success with mediation and we adopt various techniques, individual or group based, to resolve issues before they become untenable and potentially damaging for the business.

Our aim is to keep you out of Employment Tribunal.   If you should, however, have a claim lodged, we can help you work through and understand the process and have lawyers we can recommend who will advice you if you should end up in a Tribunal. 

Our Services include:

Assisting with disciplinary issues

  • Under performance
  • Conduct issues, including gross misconduct
  • Managing meetings, including writing notes
  • Helping to put in place aims, objectives, targets for improvement
  • Managing review meetings
  • Handling appeal meetings


Assisting with grievances

  • Managing meetings, including taking and transcribing notes
  •  Handling appeal meetings


Carrying out investigations

  • Investigating objectively either performance or conduct issues 



  • Individual
  • Group