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Having spent time and money recruiting the people to meet the needs of your business it is important that you retain your staff; supporting your employees to develop and grow their skills in order to help your business expand. We can work with you, again as little or as much as you need, to source the best training solutions, delivering training ourselves or bringing in our network of associates to ensure that we meet your needs.

The training solutions that we put in place can develop and encompass all aspects of HR management.  We have the ability to write training programmes to specifically suit the needs of your business and can typically include all or part of the following: 

  • Recruitment and Selection:  Developing an understanding of the recruitment and selection process, the paperwork, underpinning employment legislation, writing adverts, offers of employment etc.
  • Performance Management:  Developing an understanding of how to develop your staff including the performance management process and appraisal documentation. 
  • Discipline and Grievance: Developing a complete understanding of the discipline and grievance processes that complies with employment legislation and the ACAS Code of Pracice.


Of course developing your people does not always mean formal training and we also offer one to one or group coaching and development for those who need it:

  • One to One coaching:  Working specifically with senior managers, managers or employees to help them develop their skills as well as address any areas of concern.
  • Group coaching and development sessions:  Working with groups or teams to help them work together  cohesively and recognise strengths and skills in each other. 


We can also offer, in partnership with our Associate, ACP Training and Development Limited, personal profiling through the Insights Discovery framework.  This is a valued tool as it provides an excellent framework for individuals to:

  • Understand Self
  • Understand Others
  • Adapt and Connect
  • Create Usable Interpersonal Strategies